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We'll be at Kentokycon con August 17-19! Catch us at booth A39 (right by the fooood!)

Image description: In bright daylight in the middle of a city, man and woman emphatically playing red traditional Japanese drums. The man with his back towards us with his arms out wide with two thick drumsticksin his left hand and right palm open wide, he's balancing on one leg with his right leg bent off to the right. The woman is partially obscured by another drum but we can see her head with an intense expression and she's beating the drum with sticks in both hands. They both have blue bandannas rolled and tied around their heads and blue wrist cuffs. the man has light blue pants and dark blue straps crossing his back. The red drum has an insignia that looks like three commas swirling with the circles meeting in the center and tails trailing off clockwise. the same insignia is seen in blue on the mans pant leg. In the background we see some more drums lined up with an audience visible behind them.

We'll be at the Knox Asian Fest on August 26th!

Image description: Pile of orange pumpkins slightly off to the right side under mustard colored text that reads fall family fun

Back to PHS in Portland, TN for their annual FFA Hay Day!